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Building Surveys
Certificates of Compliance

A building survey is an investigation or inspection of the construction and services of a property in sufficient detail to enable the Building Surveyor to advise what impact its condition will have upon the client. The survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase of a dwelling.


We will carry out a thorough inspection of the building, give a comprehensive report on its condition warning the client of any future expenses that may be incurred with the building and advise on purchasing.

Architectural and Design


We deliver a full design service for all projects either in house, or working alongside any client, architect or designer. We can fulfil all planning, fire safety, disability accessibility certification, health and safety and any other relevant statutory compliance requirements.


  • Design of new developments

  • Alterations and conversion of commercial and residential buildings

  • Rehabilitation and refurbishment

  • Planning permission (Plans and Specifications, Contract Admin)

  • Interior Design

  • Space Planning and overseeing fit out works to commercial premises

We offer certificates of compliance on a number of issues regarding a property.

The certificates that we provide include a number of the following:


  • Certificate of compliance for Planning Permission 

  • Certificate of compliance for Building Regulations

  • Certificate of exemption from Planning and Development Regulations

  • Fire Safety Certificates

  • Disability Access Certificates

Building Conservation

Building Conservation involves carefully identifying what is most important about a given structure and surroundings, taking care not only in the preservation of its physical fabric, but in the wealth of historical information embodied in it.


  • Building Conservation

  • Protected Structures advice

  • Project Management

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Conversion and Adaptation

Snag List


A Snag List is an inspection and investigation into the construction of a newly built property in sufficient detail to allow the building surveyor to compile a list of shortcomings, defects and irregularities with the property. This gives the client an opportunity to furnish the builder/developer with a detailed list of snagging items, which should be completed before the contracts are finalised.


The purpose of a Snag List is to ensure that the newly built property is in full compliance with all current Building Regulations and has been finished to the highest possible standards.

Mortgage Valuation


A valuation survey is intended only for the lending institution to ensure that the property is adequate security for the loan. Mortgage valuations should not be confused with full building or structural surveys.


The Report will highlight apparent fundamental defects that affect valuation but does not give detailed information on the condition of the property and should not be relied upon by the purchasers.

Defects Analysis


This process involves the investigation of facts, possibly in conjunction with some exploratory work, to identify the cause of any building defect. The wide range of materials used in the construction of buildings and their varying life spans can lead to the development of defects. This service will result in identification of the cause of a defect and recommendations for remedial work.

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